Forklift Training

Refine operational dexterity through forklift training, optimizing load handling techniques.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved or wants to get into the MHE sector whether existing, new or refresher training. 


ONLINE: Session 1 (Recorded Session + Quiz)

Day (1) Join our instructor(s) in an interactive Online (zoom) training seminar using your preferred device of connectivity from anywhere you choose.  Our program is designed around OSHA forklift training program intended to ensure the safety of workers operating forklifts in various industrial settings. Our training covers essential topics such as the proper use of forklifts, understanding their components and functions, and mastering safe operating practices.  

ONLINE: Session 2 (Recorded Session + Mock Test)

Day (2) The continuation of the previous online seminar with emphasis is placed on hazard recognition, including potential risks in the workplace, and the importance of maintaining clear pathways. Trainees are educated on load handling techniques, load stability, and the significance of load capacity limits. Additionally, the training addresses the importance of pre-operational inspections, routine maintenance, and the proper use of personal protective equipment. 

PRACTICAL: Session 3 (Practical + Written Test)

Day (3) Successful completion of OSHA forklift training results in a certification, confirming that operators have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to operate forklifts safely and efficiently, contributing to a safer work environment. 

Seminar Fees Include:

Cost: $35,000 JMD. 

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